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The booking module verifies if there is availability related to the allotment.

In the allotments tab you can also set the duration of a product in nights and days.

Has Allotments - check this if your product has starting dates

Show availability when booking - check this in case you want to see the availability during the booking process.

Allow overbooking - if checked, the booking process will display the product prices even if no availability, allowing the overbooking.

Booked daily or weekly on following days - check this in case your availability is only for certain days of the week, i.e. select Fr, Sa and Su in case you intend to set your availability for the weekends during the period selected


  • Rooms - select this option if your product is a hotel or other type of accommodation.

  • Cabins - select this option if your product is a cruise on a vessel

  • Persons - select this option if the number of allotments refers to number of persons 

  • Seats  - select this option if your product is a boat or other type of transfer product.

  • Number of allotments - enter the number of allotments you are creating the availability for.

  • Has Occupancy - check this if the persons have to be assigned per rooms 

  • Max Persons, Max Babies, Max Infants, Max Children, Max Seniors  - enter the maximum number of persons you are creating the availability for(the total number of allotments).


! please  be aware that Number of allotments is  mandatory to be filled with the correct numbers in order to create availability for your starting dates. If you leave  it empty,  the availability created will be 0-zero and in this case the product will not be available for booking.

You may always check the availability of a product using Check Availability option from the main left menu. In the screen shot below you may see a product that has 10 rooms available between 01-05 of April.


If Has Allotments is checked, the Allotments section is opened below:

Allotment with days - mark this radio-button if your product allotment is with days (usual case for accommodation)

Allotment with time interval - mark this radio-button in case your product allotment is with a time interval (usual case for transfers)

Begin - set the begin date of the allotments

End - set the end date of the allotments

Station: Not Yet implemented

Start Time - set the begin time of the allotments

End Time - set the end time of the allotments

Guaranteed departure number

No. for guaranteed departure marks the number of allotments that needs to be reached so that Guaranteed departure status is set by the system for each allotment (starting date).

Presently, Guaranteed departure status is set manually by the operator if the No. for guaranteed departure field value is reached by bookings (booked).

Tour code

Each starting date must have a tour code set. A tour code contains the group code as set in Product information/Group code, plus the start date

Tour Leaders

Tour leaders are the guides responsible for each starting date, therefore each Group Tour product will have a tour leader linked to each starting date.

A Tour Leader is a person related to a supplier that has for Type set Tour Leader, or, a stand alone person to be set in Persons list having Tour Leader Type.

Is Per Person checkbox

Check mark to define if allotment needs to be calculated by person

Click CREATE STARTING DATES to generate the allotment for the period.

The starting dates are created and the line is visible.
Now, for the starting date to be bookable as a period of time, the starting date has to be edited using ACTION button and a tour code must be added. The code is at your choice:

To create availability table click  CREATE AVAILABILITY.  The availability is created for the lines  that have the green dot at the end of the line as you can see in the example below:

Creating availability is not mandatory but optional, depending where and how you will use this information.

The starting dates set in this section may be displayed on the website or on certain template documents.

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