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Helpful insight on the package manager module

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To create a package product type you may add a new product (See Products - add a product article. ) and check the Is Package option. You can also edit an existing product and transform it into a package product later, if needed.

To create the price of your package you can proceed in two different ways:

  • set a price for the main package product and add supplements for which do not check "Include In Total".

Ex.: if you package price is 1000EUR, don't check Included in Total for the supplements prices (in the above example the supplement is Daily massage).

When the product is booked, the price charged will be the price of the package, in this case 1000EUR.

  • set the price for main package product to be zero and add supplements with prices that will build up the package final price.

This means to check "Included in Total" for prices that will build the final total prices of the package.

To add a price to your package type product, see Add a price to a product article and don’t forget to check the One time charge box so the price to be applied only once for the entire duration of the product.

Package Manager

The package manager tab is split into four sections:

  • in the upper left corner there is the package tree where you can see what products are added as supplements

  • In the upper right corner you can search for products to be added as supplements

  •  in the lower right corner there are shown the prices to be linked to the supplements selected

  • In the lower left corner there are the prices that have been already linked to the supplements

To add a product as supplement, search for the product in Product list field then drag and drop it into Package Tree area until properly set. 

If you need to edit or delete a supplement from the Package Tree, select the product and click on edit or delete symbol.


  • Attribute types

Mandatory - product will be loaded as arrangement

Optional - product will be loaded as arrangement only if selected in the booking process or when editing an existing reservation

Mandatory-optional - product will be loaded as arrangement even if it not selected by customer in the booking process or when editing an existing reservation

Buy - for this product there will not be created an arrangement and is used only to calculate the sell price of the package in the calculation sheet and to be loaded in supplier orders if package is booked

Info - no arrangement is created for this product and is used only as info product, saved only in case of itinerary deal (when there is a trip linked to a deal).

  • Include in Package Price

Check this checkbox in case you are managing a package for which the price added is different from 0. For main product package and supplements that are checked as Included in Total, the price will be calculated and added to the total in the Deal price.

  • Print

Check this checkbox if you want a supplement to be displayed in the Deal and printed on different templates.

  • Duration

Add the duration of the supplement in this field. For example, if you have a 3 days package, the accommodation may be applied for all 3 days.

  • Day of Tour

Add the number of the day of the tour when you want the supplement to be added to the package.

  • Prices

To link a price to a product, click on the product name from package tree and just drag and drop the price from Price List tab to Linked Prices tab.

If you want to remove a linked price, click on the X symbol for deletion

Do not link prices for the supplements that have the price included in the price of the package.

  • Add Alternative products

- Alternative - product will replace the supplement product if linked to it - this will happen in the booking process, or, when editing arrangements of a Deal.

- An Alternative product can be added to any product supplement which is not a main package product, and its attribute is either mandatory or optional. A product supplement can have more than one alternative products and it has the same definitions as the product supplement it is linked to.

- Only mandatory (except the main package product - even if it is added as a sub-package in a package) and optional supplement products can have alternative products linked to them.

- Adding alternative for main package product added inside another package it is not allowed.

To add an alternative product, search for it in Product List in Package manager and drag and drop it over the product of which the alternative belongs.

The alternative is marked with A and blue color:

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