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Customer - how do I create a customer invoice
Customer - how do I create a customer invoice
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To create a customer invoice go to Deals/Deals List. Select the deal for which you need to create the invoice. Click Create Invoice, or go to Deal Details/Operations and use button +CUSTOMER INVOICE to create the invoice.

The invoice created can be seen in the list of Operations/Customer Invoices and in Deal Details/Operations. You may Print or send on Email the invoice using both the general list of Customer invoices or from Deal details.

In General details you can choose whether to print the Itinerary on the invoice or not, or to write a text that you want to be printed on the invoice.

You may edit Payment details and set a Down Payment amount, Down Payment Due date, Rest Payment Due date and Payment Type.
If there is anything to be modified related to Payment details, go to Operations/Customer Payments and make all changes in there as that information is to be displayed on the invoice when printed.

If the customer invoice created is not correct and the edit function cannot resolve the issue, you have to create a credit note for this invoice.
In order to do that, select the customer invoice  from Operations/Customer Invoices and select Create Credit note.

The list of all invoices issued to a customer can be viewed in Customer/Customer details:

The list of all invoices for all customer can be viewed in Operations/Customer Invoices:

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