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The General tab is the first one you access when setting up your account. Here you are requested to fill out the general information about your company.

General Settings

The General Settings part includes the fields for the Company details, as name, address, Vat number etc., information which is displayed on the customer invoice or deal print PDFs generated for your deal.
You may here customize the look and feel of VCT as well, by adding your company logo which will be displayed in the upper left section of your screen and on the invoice and deal print as well; and by choosing one of the two color schemes offered - red or blue.

IMPORTANT: add your currencies in the FINANCIAL tab, Currencies section and then set the Main Currency on the General tab. The main currency should be the one for which you have set 1 as currency exchange value.

Maximum Child Age

This setting is important when applying a price rule to a price to set a child reduction.

Main Language

The language set as Main it is the language set by default when taking different actions across Victoury

Order Signing User

When creating supplier order/quote, the user set here:

  • will sign the order ( if place holder {{orderSignature}} is used in the email template)

  • From email when email is sent will be the one of the user set for Order Signing User

Send Automatic Emails for Orders

Check this radio button only if you want the emails to be automatically sent when a supplier order is created.

Send Automatic Email

Emails are sent to the Customer main person’s email address.

Automatic emails are sent only if the general parameter - Send automatic email control is active.

Automatic email that can be sent:

  • Reminder for down payment

  • Reminder for rest payment

  • Bon voyage

  • Post trip

All these above emails are using text libraries defined in Text Library list and require specific settings in the Parameters, in the data base.

For more details please get in touch with us.

Automatic Payment Confirmation Email

These emails are sent when the down payment or full payment is entered in Victoury.

Confirmation email is sent to the Reservation customer main person’s email address.

All emails are using text libraries defined in Text Library list.


Set languages available as translated languages across Victoury (product text, custom fields, text library, etc)


The Code Settings part needs to be filled out with the codes that are used when assigning the unique identifier to your deals, leads and invoices (credit notes, customer and supplier invoices). Usually the codes are 001, 01 or 1, meaning that your first dealcode will be B-001, B-01 or B-1.

Code Settings can be general or made by Brand.

Action - Statuses

Define the statuses for deals, customer payments, customer invoices and supplier invoices, by actions.


For Booking Create we have set Quote as status. When a new deal is created its status will be automatically set to Quote.

Automatic Products

These products will be automatically added as arrangements when creating a new deal and their dates and assignments will be automatically updated by the system when the operator adds the first manual arrangement - to have the same assignments and dates as the manually added arrangement.

In case you create a deal only with the automatic product, without any manual arrangement, its start date will be the current date and its end date will be current date plus 7 days.

Automatic Products will not be added for Lead type deals or when editing an existing deal.

The Automatic Product feature comes handy in case your business logic requires one or more products as arrangements in all the Option / Booking type deals that you create in Victoury, since using this setting your operators will not have to add these manually in each deal they initiate, but the system will load it automatically in the booking process.

Such products might be VIP services or any other product at your choice.

Furthermore, the Tax drop-down in this section is a nice to have addition to this feature.

The automatic sell tax application works by following a setting on the level of the automatic product price - called Automatic sell tax. You may find this setting in Price Details / General Information.

The system will overwrite the tax set originally on the price of your automatic product with the one set in Settings if the below conditions are met:

  • if the Automatic Sell Tax is checkmarked on the automatic product level

  • if you have set tax for your automatic product by selecting one in the drop-down in Settings / General / Automatic Products / Tax

  • if in the create deal process or in the existing deal besides this automatic product you add a manual arrangement, the tax of which matches the Tax selected in the drop-down in Settings / General / Automatic Products / Tax

    This applies only in case your manual arrangements sell tax matches the tax you have set here.

In the Create Deal Wizard you will see the automatic product marked as Auto loaded.

See here that the tax is 0 at this moment due to the original sell tax set.

In the below example a manual arrangement is added, where on the sell price tax 19% is set. This tax 19% matches the tax set for the automatic product, therefore the system applies the tax 19% automatically to the automatic product.

Automatic Price

Tax Mapping

You can set a Sell Tax to be applied to a continent/country/region.

When creating a new product having Country/Region as set in Tax Mapping, the price automatically added will already have the sell tax added.

One Time Charge

This setting is to be made by Product Category.

When creating a new product in the Category set in One Time Charge, the price automatically added will already have One Time Charge set to Yes.

Profit Mapping

A profit percentage may be set for each category of products.

When a new product is created, the price automatically created will already have prefilled the value of the Profit as set for the category of which the products belongs to.

For an existing product, the profit value is automatically prefilled when creating a new price for the product.

Automatic Applied Tax

If there is a tax selected here for Tax on sell difference, this tax will be applied automatically on in the booking process - when the deal is created or updated. This tax is applied on the difference between the custom amount per traveler and the regular sell amount calculated from the arrangements.

Insurance categories

In this section we add the categories of products that will contain the insurance products.

The categories of products set as insurances are involved in the calculation of the insurance value per traveler.

The system is checking which arrangement of the deal is an Insurance product (having rule #20 set per price) by checking if its category is inserted in Insurance Categories section in General Settings.



  • Backoffice Connection

Enable or disable backoffice connection

  • Outgoing Email Server

  • General Incoming Email Account - in development

  • TO Email Address - the email addresses set in this section will be used only for testing email and when an email is sent, TO email address will be overwritten with the ones set in this section.



  • setting Victoury Users

  • setting Custom Fields

Custom fields may be set by Product, Product Texts, Customer, Person or Deal

For creating new custom fields, select the entity and click on SHOW ENTRIES.

Use +ADD NEW button to add a new custom field.

  • Multimedia aspect ratios

Used in Multimedia sections of the Products, being available for selection when uploading a new photo.

  • Automated Tasks (Sync web Database)

  • API Keys

    This feature allows the operator to manage API keys. An API KEY can be created and revoked at anytime.

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