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On the Invoices section you may choose between the two types of down payment applied automatically to the customer invoices generated. 

Fixed down payment means that the amount entered in the Down Payment field will be deducted as a fixed sum down payment from the final value of the deal invoice and will be displayed together with its due date on a separate line on the invoice.
See below:

If you choose to apply the down payment by percentage, you will be required to fill out the Down Payment % - i.e. 20% and the To Maximum amount - i.e. 1500 meaning that in case the 20% exceeds the 1500 - only 1500 will be applied as down payment.
See below:

The Down Payment Due In Days field should contain the total number of days after the Deal date when the down payment is due. For the below example we have set this to 3 and the Deal date is the 1st of July, 2018 - and if we add 3 days, the due date will be the 04th of July, 2018.
The Balance Due In Days is set to 3 in this case, and this is calculated based on the travel date, and not the Deal date. The travel date in case of this Deal is the 18th Of July, 2018. Thus the rest payment will be due 3 days before the travel date, on the 15th of July, 2018.
The down payment sum is set to 10% from the Deal amount and up to 1500.

The system does not increment a down payment due date and amount but ONLY the rest payment due date and amount if the calculated due date for the rest payment is in the past compared to the calculated due date for the rest payment.

If the Print Travelers to PDF is checked, the invoice will display the list of all travelers, not only the main traveler.
The content of the Invoice Text field is displayed on the footer of the invoice PDF print.
Do not forget to press Save Invoice Settings to save the settings entered.

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