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Supplier - How to create a supplier
Supplier - How to create a supplier
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To create a new supplier, go to the main left menu - Suppliers.

Click + symbol. A new tab opens where you can introduce the details  about the supplier. If the supplier is a company, check the radio button and complete the fields in this area.

After you click SAVE the new created supplier is in the supplier list and you can add other details according to your preferences as it follows:

  •  Main information:  add company logo, company details and person picture and details, contact info (depending on the Type set here, the information can be used in different situations; example - if the Type is Order Email, the email address is used when sending supplier order for "To" field) and supplier type.

  • Supplier information: set an account number and order header/text  

  • Operations section displays all the invoices created for the supplier. Supplier invoices can be added from Deal list only - see article create supplier invoice

  • Supplier payments details. See how to register a supplier payment here

  • Addresses - all addresses of the suppliers are visible also in Addresses list and can be used to set Embark/Disembark location in Product details or per Price of a product if Type=Location or no Type set at all.

  • Persons - a supplier may have more persons linked to it

  • Tasks

  • Notes


In case the Supplier is set as "Is Sales Channel", Victoury offers you the possibility export products from your environment to another, from product details.

This means that we offer you the possibility to own a Sales channel which is actually another Victoury tenant linked to your environment.

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