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Supplier - How to register a supplier payment
Supplier - How to register a supplier payment
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To register a supplier payment go to Operations/Supplier Payments from the left main menu, select one or more entries that have a supplier invoice created, click on edit symbol and then Register Supplier Payment.

Important: the system allow selecting only same buy currency supplier payment records for registering supplier payment.

The payment can be registered for the total amount of the supplier invoices or a partial amount and only if for the supplier payment records that have a supplier invoice in Victoury.

The total amount to be paid is prefilled but you can type in the amount if the payment is partial or exceeds the supplier invoice value. In case of lower amount, the Detail column will show Partial Payment.

In case you type in an amount which is bigger than the amount of the supplier invoice, the Detail column will show Paying more than needed.

Select the Payment Type (drop down with options settable in Settings/Choice Lists/Payment_Type) and enter the Payment Reference if any. Click Save to register the supplier payment.

You may always check the situation of supplier payments in the Deals/Accounting, for each deal:

For the registered payments, for type, SP code is displayed.

All registered supplier payments can be viewed in main left menu Deals / Accounting if you search by Type = Supplier Payment (SP)

If the total value of the Supplier Invoice is registered as supplier payment, the Supplier Payment record is deleted, the payment is visible only in Accounting related to the deal.

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