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Customers - How do I add a customer or an agent
Customers - How do I add a customer or an agent

Company customer, agent customer or individual. Customer-person relationship

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Too add a new customer go to Customers from main left menu. Click + symbol.

If the new Customer is a company make sure the radio button is checked.

Enter here all the details according to the type of the customer (company or not) and click SAVE

The customer can be found in the customer list and you can complete the information related to it by editing.
To add images for persons or company logo, edit Customer Information area.
In customer tab there are displayed information about deals, customer invoices and payments, or addresses and persons.

In Addresses section you are allowed to edit the main address or add other addresses.

In Persons section you have the possibility to add or remove travelers and you can set other main person.

How to create an Agent Customer

If the customer is an agent mark this Agent radio button and set up your commission percent.
Also, you can add other commissions using +ADD NEW button. These commissions can be setup for Product Code or Product Category and have a cumulative effect on agent commission.

The logic for setting up the commissions in case customer is agent

The commission can be set as it follows and shown in above screenshots:

  1. at product price level

On the Price section for each product you are allowed to set the default commission for the agents. This commission is applied only to customers marked as agents.

  2. at customer level

​  2.1 - default commission

When set as agent, the % of the commission set as default is applied only if there is also a commission set at price level (per product). The final percent of the commission applied is the sum of the %commission set at price level and the %commission set at customer level.

If on price level there is no commission set, then the default commission as set per agent will not be applied either.


  • if at price level there is a 3% commission set 

  • at customer level there is a default 5% commission set

  • the final amount of the commission applied when create the deal, will be equal to 8%

2.2 - custom commission
For the customers marked as agent, a commission can be set per Product Code or/and per Product Category

In this case, only these will be taken into account. If there is also a commission set per Product Price or by Default set at customer level, these two will be disregarded in the calculation of the final price to be paid by the agent customer. 

The screenshot below shows a default commission of 5% and two custom commissions (by product code and product category).

All products that have the product code starting with HO, will have a 3% commission applied.
Also, for the product having the product code HOTESTVCT500, the commission applied is 10%.

Customers relationship

Definition of terms

Customer - is any person who is a main traveler or a traveler in a deal.

Direct related (relatives) - is a person directly related with the customer and when loading this customer in the deal we display the list of these directly related persons

Other persons (travelers) - is a person which is related to many customers. These persons are not shown when loading the customer in a deal

Relationship type – dropdown list that defines the relationship between a person (both direct related and many related) and the customer.

Person versus traveler

Person - the person entry is created for a customer (Direct related or Other persons), who may or may not be a traveler.

Traveler - the traveler entry is created for a person who is a traveler in a reservation.

Main person of customer versus main traveler of reservation

Main person - is the person who is created automatically for a customer entry when a new Customer is added. Any other person of the customer may be set as main person. Only one main person may exist for the same customer.

Main traveler - is the first person in the traveler list of the booking, no matter of the person being or not main person of the customer.

Special cases

Customer is marked as agent

  • Persons are never loaded in a deal.

Customer is / or is not a company

  • We have both directly and many related persons.

  • Persons with direct relation can be loaded in a deal - meaning that when the customer is selected in the booking process, the system should display all directly related persons in an overlay, asking the operator to choose the ones he wants to use in this deal.

  • Persons without direct relation - the ones that are added in a booking but not linked to the customer - are not loaded when the customer is selected in the booking process.

Basic functionality

Booking process

Customer is not an agent

  • When the customer is selected in the booking process, the system displays all directly related persons in an overlay, asking the operator to choose the ones he wants to use in this deal.

  • If new traveler(s) is/are added during the booking process, the system pops up a question asking whether the newly added person(s) should or should not be linked with the customer. If Yes, the direct relation is created and the new person will be found in Direct related list in Customer details. If No, new person will be found in Other persons list in Customer details

  • Only one traveler may be main traveler

Customer is an agent

  • When the customer is selected in the booking process, the system never loads the persons related to the customer.

  • If new traveler(s) is/are added during the booking process, the system never creates a relation with the customer. Directly related persons may be added for the agent only in the Customer Detailed view.

  • Only one traveler may be main traveler

Customer detailed view

Persons section

  • Subsection with persons (customers) direct related

  • Subsection with persons (customers) other persons

  • Function to add new related person

  • Possibility to set a direct related person to other person and vice versa

  • No relationship type between main person and customer.

Relate a person to a customer

  • With + button we can add a new person related to this customer.

Deals section

  • In deals list we will see all deals in which the main person of the displayed customer is as a customer/a traveler/or both (main or not)

Deals section - Create Deal/Lead

Use this button to create Deals for a customer, situation in which the Customer and its persons are automatically added so there is no need to start Creating new deal from deals list and search for the customer.

For create Lead option, the form, in will be already completed with the details of the Main Person of the customer, in CUSTOMER section.

Create a customer entry for persons (travelers) when the deal becomes from option (offer) a booking

  • It is not allowed to change an Option to a Booking if all travelers/persons of the deal do not have the below minimum info set:

  • Family name

  • Personal name

  • Email address

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