The favicon is not yet settable per Website. It is general for all our tenants.

Title and Meta Keywords and Description
In Victoury, these are settable per Website, in main left menu, General tab, Domain setup area.

The title of the page that is shown in Google search result has to be set in Domain Setup area, Name field:

Domain Type, Protocol and Full Domain Name article.

Meta Keywords
Keywords tell to the search engines what is the page about.
Each word has to reflect accurately the content of your pages. It is recommended to use maximum 10 meta keywords that are relevant for the page.
Enter the meta keywords in the destined field and  hit enter after each word.

Meta description
A meta description provides a brief and attractive description of the content of a page. Google uses this description when displays a web page in search results and this text is shown under the title of your page.
A meta description should be carefully chosen. The content has to have the appropriate lengthiness, clearness, succinctness, etc. It is recommended to keep this text within 160 characters. By doing this, you create awareness for your website and you get more visitors.


This part requires to own a Google Analytics Account, so the first step is to create one if you do not have it already.
Google Analytics Account

  • Once you are logged in into the account, go to Admin tab:

  • Create Property -> Property Settings:

  • set Property Name - this helps you to identify easy the property in your list, if you have more than one.

  • Set the Default URL of your website 

  • Enable Users Metric in Reporting

  • Save 

  • Copy the Tracking ID code

  • Paste the tracking ID code into Victoury (Website/General/Analytics)

  • Save

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