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Website settings in relation to Brands
Website settings in relation to Brands

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In Victoury, if you work with many Brands, you may create a dedicated Website for each one. That means that first you have created the Brand as described here. Each Website has the option to show only the products assign to a specific brand, if this is properly set in Victoury.
Before you start creating your new Website related to a Brand, please contact our support team as there are a set of details to be completed by us so your site works properly.
To start, go to Website from main left menu and click Add New  "+" symbol:

  • set the Name of the Website, select the related Brand, the Domain Type, Protocol and Full Domain Name to be set as https

  • Save

You have created your new Website per Brand.
Next,  go further with settings. These settings determine how your Website page will look like.
The Website board contains following tabs: General, Contents, Pages, Email, Payments.


  • Landing Page - anything at your choice. When you click on your logo, which is situated in the header of the page on Website, you will be redirected to the Landing Page.

  • Date - choose the format of the date

  • Price - choose the format of the Price

  • Language - choose how many translations should have the Website

  •  Height - The height of the header in pixels 

  • Search Bar Position

  • Set colors for: Search Bar, Menubar Background, Menubar Text, Page Background, Footer Background, Footer text. 

  •  Enable Payment - if all Mollie settings were made, this is the place you activate or deactivate online payments.

Domain Setup

  1. Vicoury Subdomain

  • Name of the domain is the one to be shown in search results on search engines.

  • If you will be using a Victoury subdomain, select this option for Domain Type

  • Protocol - it is recommended to select https 

  • Full Domain Name  - This is set when your Victoury environment is created for you as a new tenant and, by default, Website Full Domain Name will be the tenant name if there has not been requested to use a different one. Following this logic, in the screen shot above, the tenant name would be "demo".

  2. Full Custom Domain
If you would like to setup your Website instance on other address ( your server administrator must add the Website IP number to the DNS record:  IP:
When this is done, for Domain Type select Full Custom Domain and add to Full Domain Name field.
Please contact us to make all the necessary settings on our side.


  • Header - select a header image for your Website

  • Product Brands - you have the possibility to select one or more Brands. That means that Website will display only the products that have the selected Brand set per Product.

If you do not select any Brand, Website will display all products, with all brands or no brand selected.

  • Footer

In this area enter the texts for the footer of Website page.
The links may be added by Group. First you create a Group then add the links under it. In the above example, the group is "test".


  • Welcome text - the text for welcoming the guests which on the Home page of your Website

  • Featured products - choose your top products to be shown on Home page

  • Confirmation - Deal Confirmation text shown to your customers when finalizing a deal.

 An Email confirmation (Subject and Body) is sent to the customer with the subject and text added in Victoury - Website - Email section.

A copy of the email is sent to the email address set in Settings/General/Email Address.
You may also set the "From" email address which will appear as the address from which the email was sent when the customer receives the confirmation email.


Is at your choice to enable online payment trough your Website. We are using Mollie payment plugin in this regard.

There are a few steps to follow:

1 - Create a Mollie account:

2 - To get started you must activate account by filling in your company details

3 - Go to Settings/Website profiles - Create a new website profile and make settings according to your preferences. Follow each step. For each profile there is required to provide a set of documents that prove your company registration. Proceed according to requests. When all details completed, follow next steps until your registration is finalized.

4 - In Victoury go to Website/Payments -> Connect via Mollie.

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