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We think all becomes easier if you have a full picture of a system and its functionalities. That is why we have prepared for you a summary of our support articles. Check them out and start designing your products in Victoury.

We recommend to follow these 6 steps before continuing your journey with us.

Step 1: Settings - GENERAL
Set the details about your company and other details based on which your Victoury environment will work.

Step 2: Settings - FINANCIAL
Set the currencies and taxes you work with.

In the Invoices section, you may set the down payment due days and amounts.

Step 2: Settings - CONNECTIONS
In case you work with a backoffice, set your backoffice connection. In the same tab, you may set the Outgoing Email Server details for email sending through Victoury or the General Incoming Email Account in case you'd like to download emails to Victoury.

Step 3: Settings - CHOICE LISTS
Victoury has a whole range of choice list items added by default. The Available Options (the parent) are not editable but you may add, edit or remove items at your choice in Option`s List column and edit titles in Option Translation.

Step 4: Settings - SYSTEM

Select the HTML text editor of your choice for the fields throughout Victoury.
Add, edit, set passwords, or remove users

Manage your custom fields related to:

  • Products

  • Product Texts

  • Customers

  • Persons

  • Deals

Manage your multimedia aspect ratios for the image cropping.

Manage your Tasks and API keys.

Further, we have made a list of articles grouped by category of items found in main left menu.

Product - How to add products in Victoury 

Add a product

Add a price to a product 

Apply a price rule to a product

How to use Allotment tab from product

How to create a package type product

How to design a trip for a product

How to create an Asset to be linked with a product

How to add a video to a product

How to assign a Travel Designer to a Product

Add an Alternative product to a supplement of a package

Lock/unlock Products and trips

Products - Batch Edit feature

Product prices - Batch Edit feature


How to add a customer

How to create a customer invoice and a credit note, view the list of invoices

How to receive payment from a customer

How to Match Temporary Customers

How to Match Permanent Customers


How to add a new supplier

How to create a supplier invoice

View supplier invoice list

How to register a supplier payment

How to create a credit note for a supplier invoice

How to create a Deal, an Option or a Lead

Add a new deal

Add a new arrangement to a deal

Change traveler assignment after the deal was created

How Pipeline works, create Lead, assign deals

About Accounting - check actions for a deal

Create Deal Voucher

Link (create) Itineraries for Arrangements

Deal details described

Additional Deal feature

Duplicate deal feature

Cancel Deal feature

Import statements from the bank

How to import bank statements

About Brands

Working with more than one brand?

About Websites 

Website settings in relation to Brands

Website settings - SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Helpful features

Create templates for emailing and other general texts in Texts Library 

How to assign a task related to Customers, Products or Deals

Email sending from deals, confirmation email when booking, supplier order email

Placeholders defined in Victoury

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