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An Asset will be part of another product. A CRUISE category product is a proper example, the Asset being a vessel. This Asset can be added to more than one product and its information will be displayed on the websites, in product detailed view, if the product is published to web, or, on PDF documents (such as Travel plans or Offers).

Types of Assets defined in Victoury:

  • hotel

  • train

  • vessel

To create an Asset go to Assets from main left menu and click + to add new entry.

Complete mandatory information and click CREATE:

The Vessel Belvedere is in your Assets List. Edit it to complete all information related to this asset.
The texts are all multi language. You may add more translations if needed. Add a long and a short description.
Multimedia section offers you  the possibility to add images and videos.

Unit types for Assets

  • Hotels unit types are defined as Room Types/Room Count

  • Vessel Unit Types are defined as Cabin Types/Cabin count

  • Train Unit Types are defined as Unit Types/Unit Count.

You may add as many room types as needed using ADD NEW button.

For each room type you may add details:

  • Type 1 and Type 2 are using Price_Type_1 and Price_Type_2 choice lists as defined in Settings/CHOICE LISTS

  • Room Count - the number of rooms available of this type

  • Adults Capacity, Children Capacity, Infants Capacity - the capacity of each room for these categories of travelers

  • Multimedia - set images for each room type

  • Texts - Short and Long descriptions to be set for each room type.

Once you have finished creating the Asset, you may link it to a product. To be able to do this, go to Product List and open the Product. In Product details you will find Linked Entries area. Click on --  sign and search for the Asset to be linked and SAVE:

Of course, you can remove the Asset from a product any time.

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