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How to assign a Travel Designer to a Product
How to assign a Travel Designer to a Product

Create and assign a Travel Designer to your products

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First, you will create the travel designer as a product, in Product List.

The Product Code will always begin with TD, which is the code for Travel Designer as Product_Category set in the Choice List. The rest of the letters of the product code should be related to the name of the travel designer. For example, Laura Rose code could be: TDROSELA or TDLAURRO, but is up to you what you put after TD.

The Category of the product will always be Travel Designer - TD.

For product Type, select Itinerary.

For this category of the product, a set of Extra Fields are available to be filled with personal details: Personal Name, Family Name, Email, Telephone. At your request we can add other extra fields. These details will be shown on the documents, PDF`s templates generated from Victoury, or, on the website.

A description of the travel designer will be added in Texts - PRODUCT DESCRIPTION.

In Trip Designer, add the Travel Designer on the first day of the trip in Editor/PACKAGE CONTENTS, click ADD NEW and choose Existing. Search the Travel Designer using the available search files, click SELECT:

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