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How to add an Alternative product
How to add an Alternative product

Alternative products for the supplement products of a package

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Alternative products will replace the supplement products if linked to them.

An Alternative product can be added to any product supplement which is not a main package product, and its attribute is either Mandatory or Optional. A product supplement can have more than one alternative product and it has the same definitions (such as day of tour, duration, Mandatory or Optional attributes) as the product supplement it is linked to.

  • An alternative product may be added in Trip designer in case of trips (also for the trips related to Deals): Editor/Package Contents - click on Edit symbol next to the supplement you want to add an Alternative for and then select Add Alternative:

  • An alternative product may be added in the Package Manager in case of products without trips.

To do this, search for the Alternative product using the search fields available in the Product List section, on the right side. When found, drag and drop the Alternative over the supplement product from the Package Tree section on the left. If the dragging is correctly made, the symbol for Alternative should appear next to the supplement (as in the below screenshot) before dropping the alternative product, and the attribute of this product will always be "Alternative":

When create a Deal for such a product, the Alternative is visible in Deal Process:

After the Deal is saved, the Alternative has an arrangement created and it is visible in the list of arrangements, being marked with an "A".

If you want to switch the arrangement to this alternative, click on the A symbol and confirm "YES":

If switched, the function is exchanged between products (supplement/alternative) as seen below:

If you do not need the Alternative, you may delete the arrangement corresponding to it and the supplement to which it belongs will not be deleted. If you Delete a supplement that has alternatives, the supplement with all its alternatives will be deleted from arrangements list.

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