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Deals - link an Itinerary (route) to an arrangement
Deals - link an Itinerary (route) to an arrangement

Create Itineraries for your trips

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An Itinerary can be linked to an arrangement in Booking Wizard (in the creation process of a Deal), or when updating an existing Deal.

Link an Itinerary to an Arrangement in Booking Wizard

In booking wizard, after ADD PRODUCT step, next there is ADD ITINERARY section.

When you click on + sign, a new field is open to create a name for your Itinerary.

After you have clicked on DONE button, The Itinerary is added to the list.

Once you have created it, you may proceed to assign the arrangement to it. Only a single arrangement can be assigned to an itinerary. If you want to add itineraries for many arrangements, you have to add a distinct itinerary for each arrangement.

To fulfill the action, click on Please assign arrangement button, highlighted in the above screenshot, and select the arrangement from the list displayed.

Once you have selected the arrangement, proceed to assign the travelers by clicking on the 0 (zero) number displayed under the Travelers title, as highlighted in the above screenshot.

For each Itinerary added, there is the possibility to add many Segments by clicking on +ADD SEGMENT button.

When the dialog is open, there are two options available: to type in all information or to Import an Itinerary from a CRS (toggle the radio button). After the segment has been added, you may assign the travelers to it in the same way you have done it for the Itinerary.

When the Itinerary and its Segments are completed, before finalizing the Deal, in the Overview section, all Itineraries added are displayed.

Link an Itinerary to an Arrangement in an existing Deal

In the Deal, In Itinerary section follow the same steps described above.

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