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Matching Temporary Customers
Matching Temporary Customers

Customer matching in Deals, Pipeline and Customers list and details

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Customer matching in Pipeline

When a lead is created trough the website, Victoury creates a temporary customer and person for it. After that, it is checked whether the email address of the person already exists in the system being assign to a customer/person. If yes, the Lead created is marked with a red exclamation mark in order to be reviewed for matching.

To match the temporary customer with the already existing, click on the red exclamation mark. Customer information is opened showing the Matched Person. Click MATCH and confirm.

After doing this operation, the temporary customer and person will be deleted and the deal will be moved to the matched customer details.

Customer matching in Deals List

The same matching process can be done also from Deals List. When a Lead is created through a website, the Lead is created also in the Deals List and it is marked accordingly. The matching is done the same way as explained above, for Pipeline matching..

Customer matching without a deal

The method is used by websites when a temporary customer may be created without a deal (such as submitting different forms trough a website).

When this is the case, the temporary customer is added in the Customers list and marked accordingly.

The matching is to be made from customers details.

When the matching is done, temporary customers/persons are deleted.


If a temporary customer/person is matched with a person without its own customer entity, the same question is popped-up as in booking process.

The scenario is different depending on the choice selected at first step, as seen in the below image (example of matching a deal)

When a deal is matched, the temporary customer is automatically matched with the permanent customer.

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