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Lock/unlock functionality for products and trips
Lock/unlock functionality for products and trips
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Lock/unlock functionality limited only for admin role users in:

  • Product list and Product details - upper buttons row

  • Trip list and Trip details - upper buttons row

Once a Product is locked, the trip entry related to is locked as well. On Product level the below fields are not be editable:

  • Product Information / Country/Region

  • Product Information / Publish on Web

  • Extra Fields (all)

  • Multimedia (all)

  • Texts (all)

  • Package Manager

Once a Trip is locked, no changes are allowed in Trip Designer.

When a locked Product/Trip is loaded in a deal, their locked status do not have any effect on the Deal/Arrangements and Deal related Trip - meaning that these will not be locked automatically.

The Lock/Unlock feature is visible but disabled for non-admin users and when clicked the system is showing the below message:

"This feature is limited admin users only."

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