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Grouptour Products & booking group tours
Grouptour Products & booking group tours

Create Group Tour products; searcg for Group Tours to be booked

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What is a Group Tour product?

Group Tour products are products that are marked as Is Package true having starting dates and Tour Codes set in Product details/Allotments tab. These package products are set up usually with Calculation Sheets to calculate price per person and profit depending on the number of participants, but, a Group Tour can be set aside Calculation Sheets, in Product list.

Defining Group Tour Products

Group Tour - Tour Codes

Each group tour product is defined by one Group Code and by separate Tour Codes related to its starting dates.

The Tour Code is the combination of the Group Code and the date of departure for each starting date.

Mandatory settings in Product Information:

Category - Group Tour

Is Package - Yes

Group code defined

Starting dates / Allotments

Starting dates define the dates on which the group tour is available by allotment type and allotment number. Each starting date may be generated by different allotment type and number of allotments. Number of allotments is the maximum number to be booked for each tour code.

Allotment type for Group Tours has to be Group.

Allotment records have been extended with:

  • is Per Person checkmark

  • guaranteed Departure Number - marks the number of allotments that needs to be reached so that departure takes place.

  • status: Cancelled, Guaranteed departure; Open - to be manually set by Tour Operator

Tour Leader

Tour leaders are guides responsible for each starting date, therefore each Group Tour product will have a tour leader linked to each starting date.

A tour Leader can be a person related to a supplier or a standalone person added in Persons list having Tour Leader set for Type.

For each starting date, availability record has to be created.

Price settings for the Group Tour product

  • Start and end date of the prices must cover the period (start date and end date) for each starting date created in Allotment tab

  • Per price, in case Guaranteed departure number = No. of allotments, then a single price is enough. This price has to have Max persons = No. of allotments, Min persons =1

  • Per price, in case Guaranteed departure number < No. of allotments, you may have more than one price depending on how many places were booked.

For example, No. of allotments = 7

Guaranteed departure number = 5

You may have 2 prices:

- price 1 price with Max persons = 5, Min persons =1 and

- price 2 having Max persons =7 and Min persons = 6.

Based on how many persons have already booked, the system will return the price with availability.

Booking Wizard - book a Group Tour

Search for Group Tours

In create Deal process, when adding products, there are two searching possibilities: General and Group Tour.

Use Group Tour search for Group Tour designed products.

You may search by Starting Dates, Tour Code, Product Code, Country Area, Description and number of persons.

In case of O type deals, the operator needs to confirm whether the system should update availability records or not when finalizing the Deal.

In case of B type deals, the system automatically updates availability based on the number of persons from the deal.

Tour composition

The operator should have an overview of the current composition of the group tour in the booking process for each starting date based on other bookings in the system.

Group Tour composition should display:

  • Maximum group size - Max group size

  • Booked places - Number of travelers booked

  • Places reserved by options - Number of options

  • Number of places available - Available free spots

  • Male / Female ratio

  • Average age

  • Details for each past booking:

    • traveler gender

    • traveler year of birth

    • traveler nationality

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