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Deals - Deal details
Deals - Deal details

Deal tabs, travelers section and deal totals explained

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All deals are to be found in Deals list accessible from main left menu.

Deal details

From deal details you may export data in an excel file using EXPORT XLS button.

If the deal is of type O (Option) from deal details you may save the deal as Booking (B type) using SAVE AS BOOKING button:

For O (Option) type deals, Customer invoice cannot be created. To be able to create Customer invoice, save the option as booking first, as explained above.

Deal tabs

In Deal details there are 4 tabs:

  • Deal

  • Arrangements

  • Documents

  • History

Deal tab

Deal tab - Travelers table

In this table we do display information grouped by traveler.

Sell amount by traveler

  • Total Sell column - the sum of the total sell price including tax of all arrangements to which the traveler is assigned, by reservation

  • Ins. column - the price of the insurances calculated per traveler

  • Sell column - the custom sell price with tax and without insurance

    • the Sell column allows setting a different price for each traveler than that of the price calculated as the sum of the total sell price including tax of all arrangements to which the traveler is assigned

    • the prices from Sell column define the final price of the deal and the insurance will be recalculated based on the Custom price (depending if it increases or decreases the amount per traveler compared to the sum of arrangements to which the traveler is assigned).

    • If the deal is edited, an arrangement is deleted or a new arrangement is added, after the custom amount by traveler is added, the new custom amount by traveler will represent the sum of arrangement values by traveler and the difference (with tax) originally calculated between the custom amount by traveler and sum of original arrangement values.

  • Profit% column - the profit calculated per traveler

  • Arr. column - the number of arrangement to which the traveler is assigned

  • Party No. column - the party to which the traveler pertains

Traveler table - header section

  • Party no. - if only one Party is created, the number of the party will be 0.

  • Total Sell - the total with tax calculated as sum of the arrangements

  • Total Insurance - the total of the insurances

  • Overall Total - the total calculated based on the custom amounts set in Sell column which is actually the final price of the deal.

  • Profit % - the total of the profit calculated for the deal

From ACTIONS button you may edit or delete travelers.

To add new travelers, use ADD TRAVELERS button.

Add new Party

To create new Party click CREATE PARTY button. Each time this button is clicked, a new Party No. is created.

Drag and drop travelers to new Party No.

The header of each Party no. table contains the totals calculated (split) per travelers assigned to that Party.


Displays the list of travelers and the list of arrangements to which each traveler is assigned.

Applied tax

The tax applied on the difference between custom amount by traveler (amount from Travelers table - Sell column) and Total sell from arrangements.

Applied tax is calculated on the total of all traveler custom amount (Travelers table/Sell column) - total sell (total sell incl tax of all arrangements (incl. in total).

Deal totals

  • Total buy is total buy incl. tax,

  • Total Sell is total sell ex tax

  • Commission: Commission inclusive Tax

  • Net Total: Total exclusive tax - commission

  • Tax on Margin: if tax on margin is applied for arrangements then Tax on Margin is not 0

  • Tax: other taxes if any, depending on product prices and the Setting of the Taxes

  • Total Incl. tax: Net total sell + tax on margin + other tax

  • Margin percentage: calculated from sell price without deduction

  • Margin net percentage - calculated from sell price with deduction

  • Profit net percentage = calculated as (1 - total Buy Price / (total Sell Price NoTax - deduction)) * 100

  • Profit Net = total Sell Price NoTax - Deduction - tota lBuy Price (Margin Net)

    • Calculated depending on the below

      • if there is a final Supplier invoice added - taken from total invoiced by supplier * buy exchange rate)

      • if there is no final Supplier Invoice, and if calculate_margin_with_buy_ex_tax = false this is the total of Buy Total Price HC fields of arrangements

      • if there is no final Supplier Invoice, and if calculate_margin_with_buy_ex_tax = true this is the total of Buy Total Price Exclusive Tax HC fields of arrangements


The list of all products booked in a deal.

In this tab you may edit price details, change traveler assignment , delete or add new arrangements

To delete an arrangement you may select the arrangement from the list and from ACTIONS button select DELETE option, or, you may use delete icon displayed when hover on each arrangement.


In the DOCUMENTS tab we do generate and display all the templates personalized for each tenant at request (Proforma Invoices, Travel Plans, etc).

Each document can be printed, downloaded or sent by email from documents tab.


We display all emails sent related to the deal.

History tab

In case you import data from a backoffice environment, it is possible keep a history of entries.

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